USF 500


The USF500 captures of the flow volume or the current speed of liquids in customised spoolpieces. The flow sensor USF500 is planned as an electronics module for the integration in machines and devices. The varied interfaces permit an easy integration of the USF500 in an existing control / appendix.


The time of flight is measured in and against the current direction. From the time difference the current speed and from it the flow volume is determined. Several measuring values are determined as a rule by suitable algorithm, before they are processed.

  • No moving parts
  • High sensitivity by low flow rates
  • High measuring dynamic
  • Measurement of the standard flow, regardless of pressure and temperature
  • Parallel measurement of the media temperature
  • High measuring accuracy
  • Varied signal interfaces in the standard implementation
  • Independently position of the sensor
  • Installation and servicing simply

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