Ultrasound Transducer

Ultrasonic converters, as an inevitable Frontend of all ultrasonic systems serve the electromechanical energy conversion. They transform the electric oscillations in mechanical waves or vice versa and form with it the interface between signal processing and measuring section. On account of the high efficiency piezo ceramics, e.g., from lead-zirconate-titanate as a key component of the ultrasonic converter often become elective.

In addition, the electric-acoustic conversion properties are decisively influenced by her mechanical construction, the well-chosen materials, and the used connection technologies (glueing, soldering). On account of the complicated coupling as well as the reaction between electric and mechanical dimensions, an analytic description or optimization of the sound converter is extremely sophisticated. On the other hand, the application specific optimization of the ultrasonic transducer shows the biggest potential concerning functionality and costs of an ultrasonic sensor system.

We are offering following services:
  • Analysis of the requirements for the ultrasonic converter from view point of the technical demands, the enviroment conditions, the costs and the manufactoring technology.
  • Identification and interpretation of suitable transducers technologies for gases, solid states and liquids and application in lab, industry, automotives and consumer products.
  • optimization of sound converters with the help of simulation models.
  • production of experimental models and prototypes.
  • Electric-acoustic characterization of transducers and specification of the necessary components.
  • Production of prototype series as well as support concerning suitable sensor production technology including quality assurance and the manufacturing introduction.
  • OEM delivery of complete transducers.
technical skills

Special experiences from sensor developments in the automotive-area (level, media qualities) as well as from industrial applications (level, flow, distance) in gas phase and liquid phase allow the purposeful solution of your developing task within a given high-class frame and cost frame to us.